Workplace Relationships Management Skills Program


Extensive research done by numerous studies has created a clear connection between interpersonal skills, communication, workplace relationships and job performance. Excellent work relations enable successful job performance and business success. The workplace relationships management skills program teaches effective communication techniques, management techniques in a diverse work environment, emotional intelligence concept to manage oneself and others, conflict management within organisations and strategies to establish and maintain workplace relationships.

Completing this course will help:

Who is the course for?

All who have communication skills, interpersonal skills and workplace relationship management skills as key competence requirements for their job will benefit from completing the workplace relationship management skills program.

Training Outcomes

The delegate must be able to discuss and explain a range of written and oral communication techniques used in the workplace. They must be able to use communication techniques as required during the course of their work in a supervisory and/or senior capacity in an organization.

At the end of the training course, the delegate should be able to demonstrate the knowledge and understanding of diversity in the workplace. They must be able to manage team members taking into account similarities and differences. The delegates must be able to deal with disagreements and conflicts arising from diversity in a unit.

Upon completion of the course, the delegate will be able to devise and apply a strategy to establish constructive relationships with team members in a unit. The delegates must be able to identify and minimise personal conflict in the workplace. They must be able to implement a strategy to resolve and manage conflict within a workplace environment.

Upon completion of the course, the delegate must be able to demonstrate knowledge and understanding of the principles and concepts of emotional intelligence in respect of life and work relations.

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