Organizational Performance Monitoring Skills Program


The organizational performance monitoring skills program aims to skill delegates with the ability to use the resources of an organisation efficiently. The required outcome from this skills program will be the ability to conduct planning of personal objectives, the implementation of these objectives, tracking progress to ensure there are clear steps being taken towards achieving the objectives, and using regular performance reviews to evaluate progress.

Completing this course will help:

Who is the course for?

The course is targeted at persons who are responsible for the various elements of organizational performance monitoring and those that contribute to ensuring that organizational performance standards are meet. These would include team leaders, managers, leaders and anyone with charges reporting to them. It also targets individuals who are responsible for organizational performance areas and indicators.

Training Outcomes

  • Explaining the role of a team leader.

  • Explaining the purpose of a team.

  • Contracting with a team to obtain commitment.

  • Monitoring the achievement of team objectives.

  • Identifying internal and external customers, where applicable.

  • Explaining standards of customer service expected by the organisation.

  • Measuring customer satisfaction on an ongoing basis.

  • Recommending corrective action.

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