Entrepreneurship Skills Program


The Entrepreneurship Development Skills Program targets at entrepreneurs at various stages of the business growth cycle, from start-up to mature business. It comprises 6 modules, namely Business Innovation, Business Research, Business Plan Writing, Action Planning and Entrepreneurship

Completing this course will help in:

Who is the course for?

Individuals in all fields of business require the skills, values and knowledge imparted by this course. The course participants will be able to the various entrepreneurship techniques during the course of their work in developing, managing and growing a business or organisation.

Training Outcomes

  • Develop specific techniques for releasing creativity in developing ideas/opportunities. 

  • The concept and application of creativity are demonstrated through business-related activities.

  • The concept of innovation is described and discussed in relation to new venture creation.

  • Types of innovation are identified and explained with examples

  • The difference between analytical and creative thinking is demonstrated with examples through problem-solving activities in a new venture creation context.

  • Determine the role of innovation in the development and growth of a new venture.

  • Apply principles and practices of innovation to the development and growth of a new venture.

  • Identify and assess own business ideas/opportunities for a new venture

  • Analyse the viability of a selected idea/opportunity against specific screening variables.

  • Research the potential of a particular idea/opportunity as a new venture.

  • Analyse a range of risks associated with a new venture.

  • Evaluate new venture ideas/opportunities based on research findings.

  • Identify, gather and analyse the relevant information needed to compile a plan for a new venture.

  • Formulate an ethical framework for the operational plans of a venture.

  • Establish and prioritise business, financial and/or operations goals and objectives for the new venture.

  • Design and present business, financial and/or marketing plans based on a budget for a new venture.

  • Design an action plan for a new venture. 

  • Set up business premises and operational systems.
  • Implement business financial systems.

  • Identify the risks associated with the new venture.


  • Describe entrepreneurship.

  • Describe the characteristics of a successful entrepreneur.

  • Develop individual entrepreneurial characteristics.

  • Explain methods to enhance an entrepreneurial profile.

  • Explain the free market system in terms of perfect and imperfectly competitive markets.

  • Analyse the interaction of demand and supply in price determination.

  • Analyse the factors that influence economic activity.

  • Describe the development and significance of markets.

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