Administration Skills Program


Every business needs great office administrators. The success of every flourishing business is excellent office administrators, be it a clerk, coordinator, secretary, or office manager.

This role involves lots of responsibilities, involving specialized skills and knowledge to become an efficient administrator. Efficient administrators must possess organizing skills and the qualities to be fast, flexible, efficient, detail-oriented, know to prioritize and work independently. The Administrative Skills Program will equip the delegate with the relevant skills required in business administration roles.

Completing this course will help in:

Who is the course for?

All who have communication skills, interpersonal skills and business administration skills as key competence requirements for their job will benefit from completing this course

Training Outcomes

  • Have an understanding of the various administrative systems required by an organisation

  • Be able to develop and update administrative systems in a specific business environment

  • Be able to develop systems to keep administrative information at the required level of confidentiality

  • Be able to develop policies and procedures on administrative systems and write them into a manual.

  • Controlling and dealing with confidential information and documents

  • Controlling and evaluating ordering and distribution of office stationery

  • Implementing control measures with individuals. 

  • Identifying time management profiles

  • Understanding the principles of time management

  • Drawing up time-efficient work plans to carry out department/division/ section work functions

  • Implementing time-efficient work plans. 

  •  Describe the elements of service provider management

  • Develop contracts for service providers

  • Evaluate the deliverables of service providers

  • Manage service providers who do not deliver on contracts.

  • Describing fraud as it occurs in an office environment.

  • Demonstrating knowledge and understanding of legal aspects relating to fraud in an office environment.

  • Demonstrating knowledge and understanding of internal processes around the investigation of fraud in an office environment.

  • Analysing trends and the impact of fraud in an office environment.

  • Explaining and assisting with control mechanisms used to contain fraud in an office environment.

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