Verbal Communication Fundamentals Course


The connection between communication skills, interpersonal skills and successful job performance is now research-proven by numerous studies. Good verbal communication skills are a driver of successful job performance and business success.  This verbal communication fundamentals course enables effective collaboration with peers and subordinates within an organisation or business.

Completing this course will help:

Who is the course for?

All who have communication skills and interpersonal skills as key competence requirements for their job will benefit greatly for the verbal communication fundamentals course.

Training Outcomes

  • Responses show a developed understanding of complex issues under discussion in one-on-one or group situations. Own understanding is clarified and further developed during discussions and opportunity is provided during interactions for the clarification of one another’s understanding.
  • Discussions and/or conflicts are managed sensitively and in a manner that supports the goal of group or one-on-one interaction.
  • Own responses to spoken texts are analysed concerning audience, purpose and context. Inappropriate responses are identified and adjusted accordingly.
  • Tone/register, approach or style is appropriate to context, and is adapted to maintain oral interaction when it breaks down or is difficult to initiate or maintain. Pedantic, illogical or aggressive language is identified and modified to sustain interaction.
  • Planning of content and presentation techniques is evident in formal communications.
  • The impact of non-verbal cues/body language and signals on audiences is analysed and used appropriately.
  • The influence of rhetorical devices is analysed and used for effect on an audience.
  • Values, attitudes and assumptions in discourse are identified and their influence on the interaction described.
  • Techniques used by speakers to evade or dissipate responsibility for an issue are identified and interpretations of the text reflect this insight.
  • The impact (e.g., clarity of purpose, speaker’s capability) is described, explained and judged.

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