Tele Etiquette Course


Good Tele etiquette skills are a driver of successful job performance and business success. The tele-etiquette training focuses on the basic guidelines for answering the phone, how to portray a positive image, improving voice characteristics and communication skills, basic telephone etiquette, tips for voice mail messages, and other methods for more effective use of the telephone.

Completing this course will help:

Who is the course for?

All who have communication skills, interpersonal skills and tele-etiquette skills as key competence requirements for their job will benefit from completing the Tele Etiquette Course.

Training Outcomes

  • Telephone etiquette and answering procedures are explained.
  • The factors that hinder the communication process are identified and explained.
  • Calls are handled with discretion and confidentiality.
  • The caller is put on hold when not conversing directly with the caller.
  • A caller on hold is frequently consulted to establish whether he or she wishes to remain on hold.

The telephone is answered promptly.
The telephone is answered according to standard operating procedures.
The caller is greeted according to organisational requirements.
Relevant caller information is acquired during the initial interaction.

The call is redirected as appropriate.
Multiple lines and holding techniques are handled using the correct technique.
Calls are screened as per standard operating procedures.
The message is taken and transmitted if required/requested according to organisational requirements.
Further assistance is obtained from an appropriate source if required.

Information and documentation required for the call are obtained and prepared.
Outgoing call is dialled using the correct number.
The purpose of the call is stated clearly and according to organisational procedures.
The resulting actions from calls are recorded.
Messages are left if required/requested according to organisational requirements.

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