Team Building and Team Motivation Course


Strengthen your capacity, confidence and competencies to lead with accountability, influence and integrity in the modern business environment. The team building and team motivation course introduce the managers to the concept of motivation and team building.

Completing this course will help:

Who is the course for?

This course is suitable for junior and senior managers in all sectors of the economy, this includes but not limited to the public, the private and the not-for-profit sector.

Training Outcomes

  • Reasons, why motivation is important, are explained with examples.

  • Indicators of motivation are identified, according to theory and practice.

  • Own strengths and areas for development are identified, based on self-reflection and feedback.

  • Strengths and areas of development of team are identified based on observation and feedback.

  • Compare and contrast two theories of motivation with examples.

  • Elements of group dynamics are identified according to theory and practice.

  • Group dynamics includes, but is not limited to, conflict, personality, skills, culture, value, ethics, knowledge and power.

  • An action plan to strengthen the team is compiled according to Standard Operating Procedures.

  • The team leader obtains commitment from the team to achieve the action plan.

  • Implementation is executed according to the action plan.

  • Implementation of the plan is monitored and amended accordingly.

  • Group dynamics is observed and reflected on by the team leader, according to theory and practice.

  • Feedback is provided to each member of the team according to observation.

  • Recognition is given to team members who have contributed to the development of the team.

  • Feedback and observation are used to implement corrective action and provide changes to the action plan, where appropriate.

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