Sustained Verbal Communication Course


The connection between communication skills, interpersonal skills and successful job performance is now research-proven by numerous studies. Good verbal communication skills are a driver of successful job performance and business success.  This sustained verbal communication course enables effective collaboration with peers and subordinates within an organisation or business.

Completing this course will help:

Who is the course for?

All who have communication skills and interpersonal skills as key competence requirements for their job will benefit greatly from the verbal communication fundamentals course.

Training Outcomes

  • Participation in formal meetings is appropriate to the purpose and context of the meeting. Participation is consistent with meeting procedures and contributes to the achievement of meeting objectives.
  • Contributions to group work are appropriate to the task and nature of the group and promote effective communication and teamwork.
  • Participation in discussions, debates or negotiations is appropriate to the purpose and topic. Participation is consistent with the formality of procedures and contributes to meaningful interaction between participants.
  • Formal communications are planned in writing/signing, and plans are detailed, complete, and realistic with respect to time allocation and content.
  • Body language is appropriate to context and topic, and reinforces main ideas and points of view.
  • Keywords/signs, pace and pause, stress, volume and intonation or sign size, pace, rhythm and non-manual features (NMFs) are used in appropriate ways to reinforce the message.
  • Distortion of a contributor’s position on a given issue is explored with specific reference to what has been selected and omitted.
  • The implications of how the choice of language structures and features, specifically tone, register, style and point of view affect audience interpretations of spoken/signed texts are explained.
  • Facts and opinions are identified and distinguished. Omission of the necessary information is noted and addressed.

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