Records Management Course


The Records Management Course is intended for learners working in Administration in commercial and non-commercial organisations and is intended to enable them to manage administrative records.

Delegates will be well-positioned to extend their learning and practice into other areas in the business environment or to strive towards professional standards and practice at higher levels.

Completing this course will help in:

Who is the course for?

The course is applicable to delegates working in commercial and non-commercial organisations who are responsible for keeping records of an administrative nature.

Training Outcomes

  • Confidential information is defined and described for a specific organization.

  • The system and procedures used for dealing with confidential information is explained with examples.

  • Documents are secured in an appropriate manner and within an agreed time frame.

  • Utmost care is taken to avoid compromising any relevant stakeholder.

  • A plan is presented to effectively control office stationery policies, procedures and strategies.

  • Plans are developed on how to monitor, maintain and improve stock levels in accordance with organisational requirements.

  • Effective shrinkage controls are developed and implemented for an organisation.

  • Evidence of accurate reports is produced reflecting stationery movements for a given period.

  • The control of the administration system and procedures is explained and applied to ensure the effective administering of stationery.

  • Documentation used for the control of stationery in an accurate, complete way, which complies with requirements is explained to employees.

  • Effective stationery control procedures, systems and follow up actions are evaluated and explained.

  • Contracted control measures are implemented and non-conformances are identified for reporting to the person with the authority to deal with them.

  • Non-conformances are recorded and corrective actions negotiated according to organisational requirements.

  • Reported non-conformance is handled in accordance with organisational policies and procedures and is duly recorded.


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