Organizational Development & The Learning Organization Training Course


The organizational development & the learning organization training course​ will enable delegates to create an environment and attitude in which learning and assessment are encouraged and rewarded within an organisation or business. Delegates will be equipped with the skills needed to promote business growth through learning and development strategies.

Completing this course will help in:

Who is the course for?

The course will be useful to people who are involved in planning, managing and/or implementing training and development within organisations. The course will be especially useful to skills development facilitators, training managers and human resource development practitioners. 

Training Outcomes

  • The analysis to be based on information derived from training and development plans, reports, interviews and observation.

  • Information is gathered from relevant and representative sources. The range of sources utilised is sufficient to confirm the accuracy and validity of the information across the full spectrum of the organisation.

  • The analysis defines the extent to which learning is needed within the organisation across levels of work and/or functional work areas.

  • The analysis identifies the status of learning and the learning culture in terms of quantitative and qualitative indicators.

  • Quantitative indicators include the proportion of active learners to the total personnel, the proportion of active learning in relation to identified needs, proportions of active learners across levels of work and/or functional areas.

  • Qualitative indicators include perceptions of different categories of personnel in terms of the value, relevance and effectiveness of learning in general and the learning opportunities provided.

  • The analysis identifies possible explanations for the current status of the learning culture, whether positive or negative, in terms of historical trends, current influences and future prospects.

  • The analysis identifies the potential contribution of learning and development to the attainment of organisational and individual goals.

  • Develop strategies for the promotion of a learning culture within the organisation.

  • Objectives of the promotion strategies are defined in measurable and time-bound terms.

  • The strategies are sustainable and are defined in terms of key actions, methods, required resources, target audience, the timing of actions and potential constraints.

  • Strategies are relevant to the needs of the organisation and individuals, and address issues identified in the analysis.

  • Strategies cater for various categories of people and learning needs.

  • Details are provided of the costs associated with promotion activities. The costs are justified by the identified benefits.

  • The strategies are put to stakeholders with supporting arguments for their adoption.

  • Implement strategies to promote a learning culture.

  • Learning and development opportunities are promoted throughout the organisation according to the planned strategies.

  • Promotion activities emphasise the benefits of learning and development to individuals and the organisation.

  • The promotion facilitates a clear understanding of the learning and development needs of the organisation and individuals.

  • Promotion of learning is aligned with current skills profiles of individuals, organisation and transformation needs.

  • Promotion activities are sustained according to the planned strategies.

  • The impact of promotional strategies is evaluated against pre-determined objectives and appropriate changes are implemented as needed.

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