Meetings & Events Management Course


Memorable and meaningful events require high levels of creativity, however, this is not the only skill that is required to manage an effective meeting or events. Individuals need to develop their skills in careful attention to detail, adaptability, effective delegating, and a lot of work.

The Meetings & Events Management Course‚Äč will enable delegates to understand the process of event management and gain skills to plan and manage effective meetings and memorable events.

Completing this course will help in:

Who is the course for?

All who have meeting management skills and event management skills as key competence requirements for their job will benefit from completing the this course.

Training Outcomes

  • A range of dates for meeting/event is provided to attendees.

  • Suitable dates and venues are determined based on responses to the range of dates provided.

  • The meeting/event is booked and confirmed with attendees in writing.

  • All related documentation is forwarded to the attendees.

  • The venue is selected and booked.

  • The process of selecting the venue is described.

  • Special arrangements, logistics, meeting room layout and equipment required are confirmed with the venue provider.

  • The process of selecting the date, caterer and menu is described, taking into consideration religious and dietary requirements.

  • Agenda for meeting/event is forwarded to venue provider and caterers so that correct times for meals and breaks can be adhered to.

  • Venue and caterers are notified in writing and deposits paid.

  • Travel, car hire and accommodation requirements for all attendees are determined.

  • Suitable accommodation is secured and bookings confirmed in writing.

  • Car hire facilities are identified and confirmed in writing.

  • Travel arrangements are made and all necessary documentation forwarded to the attendees.

  • Invoices relating to travel, car hire and accommodation are processed.

  • Any relevant advance disbursements for travel, car hire or accommodation are processed.

  • The deadline date for receipt of documentation from contributors is established according to agreed time frames.

  • The deadline date is communicated to contributors.

  • Documents are assembled, copied and collated.

  • Relevant documents are timeously distributed in the hard or electronic form to participants.

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