Language Comprehension Basics Course


The connection between communication skills, interpersonal skills, language comprehensions skills and successful job performance is now research-proven by numerous studies. Good language comprehensions skills are critical components for successful job completion and business growth. The languages comprehension basics course teaches how to read and view a variety of text types with understanding and to justify their views and responses by reference to detailed evidence from texts. 

Completing this course will help:

Who is the course for?

Individuals in any field of business require the skills, values and knowledge reflected in this course. The individuals will be able to effectively use these language comprehensions skills as required during the course of their work in a supervisory and/or senior capacity in an organisation.

Training Outcomes

  • Unfamiliar words/signs are identified. Their meanings are correctly determined by using knowledge of syntax, word attack skills/sign parameter/analysis skills, and contextual clues.

  • Different options for the meanings of ambiguous words are tested, and selected meanings are correct in relation to the context

  • Main ideas are separated from supporting evidence and paraphrased or summarised.

  • The purpose of visual and/or graphic representations in texts are recognised and explained.

  • Features of visual texts are explained in relation to the way they impact on meaning.
  • Source of text is identified and discussed in terms of reliability and possible bias.

  • Attitudes, beliefs and intentions are explored in order to determine the point of view expressed either directly or indirectly.

  • Techniques are explored and explained in terms of purpose and audience. 

  • Promotion of, or support for, a particular line of thought/cause is identified and explained with reference to selection or omission of materials.

  • Instructions and requests are acted upon.

  • Text-type, format and register used are on the appropriate level of formality.

  • Explore and explain how language structures and features may influence a reader/viewer.

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