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diversity training course


A person with this course will be able to demonstrate an understanding of the various types of discrimination and the various designated groups potentially forming part of any workplace.


The learner will have the ability to develop tools to counteract ideologies of superiority, and the ability to sensitise a workforce in this area in order to work toward bringing about transformation in the South Africa.

  • Discuss the ideology of superiority.
  • Detail various factors manifested as discrimination.
  • The roles of institutional and personal power in diversity issues.
  • Complete research and facilitation on diversity and the management thereof.
  • Develop tools to counter discrimination.
  • Prepare a framework to manage diversity in the workplace.
  • Promote a culture of equality.
  • Relate the learning gained in achieving this unit standard to Organisational Transformation and Change Management (OT&CM).

Learning Outcomes

  • Develop an understanding of how race, sex and other factors are involved in power-hierarchies arising from ideologies of superiority.
  • Demonstrate where and how group identity, stereotyping, discrimination, exclusion and cultural difference affect interpersonal relationships in an organisation.
  • Develop the tools to combat practices that keep ideologies of superiority alive.
  • Develop a framework for effective diversity management.
  • Develop a programme to promote a culture of equality.
  • Define and implement a diversity management strategy/policy in accordance with the business plan of a selected organisation.

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