Digital Citizenship & Etiquette


This course is designed for digital citizens and those who need to know how to behave and use good conduct in online citizenship. Digital citizenship includes people who access digital platforms and consume digital products. Digital platforms are internet-based platforms for social, business, commerce, and learning. Digital etiquette is the expected conduct and behaviour on digital platform, it includes how to interact and communicate online, self-image projection online, and decorum.

Completing this course will help in:

Who is the course for?

This course is designed for working professionals looking to understand the digital space, in relation to their brand, online reputation and cybersecurity. The course is suitable for all individuals who use digital technologies in their daily tasks.

Training Outcomes

  • Engaging with others online.

  • Use technology appropriately.

  • Understanding your digital footprint.

  • Networking and personal branding techniques.

  • Digital security and safety practices.

  • Academic integrity and only submitting original work

  • Appropriate use of recorded videos or images.

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