Customer Service Course


This foundational course provides a broad introduction to customer services. It covers both internal and external customers. The focus is customer service knowledge, skills, values and attitudes in relation to the learner’s own context and experience of the world of work.

The scope of this course includes customer enquiries from internal and external customers including, but not limited to, needs, problems, complaints, requests for specific information and enquiries of a general nature.

Completing this course will help in:

Who is the course for?

Individuals in the sales, marketing and customer services field of business require the skills, values and knowledge imparted by this course. The course participants will be able to employ the customer service techniques during the course of their work in a sales and marketing role, customer service and customer care position from entry to middle levels within an organisation.

Training Outcomes

  • Explain customer service in a financial services environment.

  • The concept of good customer service is explained with reference to a business sector and an organisation’s competitive edge.

  • Different types of customer are identified within a specific organisation.

  • The consequences of poor service are identified with reference to the customer, the employee and the organisation.

  • Engage in an interaction with a customer.

  • An interaction with a customer is opened with reference to an organisation’s internal standards.

  • Information is requested to clarify the need.

  • The customer’s needs are identified and reflected back to the customer to confirm understanding.

  • Demonstrate communication skills in order to respond to a customer need.

  • Active listening skills are demonstrated in three different customer service interactions.

  • Keywords are identified in customer dialogue and used to formulate an appropriate response.

  • The main details of the customer’s needs, request, query or complaint are recorded and the entry is checked for accuracy with the customer.

  • Process a query in order to respond to a customer need.

  • Information about the customer and the need is used to formulate an appropriate response.

  • The response is communicated to the customer using appropriate language.

  • Enquiries outside its own level of authority are escalated to the appropriate party.

  • An agreement on follow up actions is reached with the customer.


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