Coaching Team Members Course


This course focuses on coaching individuals in a business environment in order to improve the level of performance to meet a team`s required service levels. The learner is required to demonstrate knowledge and skill in an authentic work situation. 

Completing this course will help in:

Who is the course for?

This course is intended for managers of small businesses and junior managers of business units in larger organisations. Junior managers include, but are not limited to team leaders, supervisors, first-line managers and section heads.

Training Outcomes

  • The concept of coaching is explained with examples.

  • Coaching, counselling, training and mentoring as management tools are explained and an indication is given of when each is appropriate.

  • The qualities required of an effective coach are listed and related to the role of team leader or supervisor.

  • The importance of effective listening is explained and an indication is given of the consequences when managers have poor listening skills.

  • Questions are asked to establish the learner`s level of understanding and competence in a specific task.

  • The skills required to give different types of feedback are demonstrated for three different scenarios.

  • Techniques for leading-learners to reflect on their performance are demonstrated for three different authentic work situations.

  • The process to be followed in coaching is applied and action plans are developed to coach two team members in specific tasks.

  • The roles and responsibilities of coach and learner are explored in order to clarify expectations.

  • Evidence of achievement or progress is gathered and a decision is made to sign off, continue coaching or refer the learner for two case studies.

  • Feedback from the learner is used to adapt an action plan or change a coaching approach for two different case studies.

  • The impact of a coaching process on the performance of a learner is assessed in order to determine the return on effort.

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