Administrative Skills Course


The Administration Procedures Course is for all persons involved in Administration in commercial or non-commercial organizations and who have the responsibility of developing Administrative procedures to make the Administrative component of the organization more effective and efficient and so aid the organization to attain its mission, vision and objectives.

Completing this course will help in:

Who is the course for?

Individuals in the commercial and non-commercial field require the skills, values and knowledge imparted by this course. The course participants will be able to employ administrative techniques during the course of their work.

Training Outcomes

  • A list of all administrative systems required in a selected business environment is compiled including client-filing systems, staff administrative systems and business systems.

  • The elements and usage of each system are described in relation to the company and legal requirements.

  • Resources such as staff, information technology, office space and management requirements for the development of these administrative systems are listed and ways of finding these resources are identified in a specific business institution.

  • The administrative requirements identified to meet the specific needs of a selected business organization.

  • The identified administrative systems are developed in accordance with the organizational and legal requirements.

  • The systems to be developed are restricted to four.

  • Administrative information, which should be kept confidential, is identified in accordance with legal, company and industry requirements and practices.

  • Systems are developed to keep administrative information and records confidential and maintain the secrecy of such information as required legally and by the company.

  • Mandates for access to confidential information are identified for administrative and other staff according to their job role.

  • Procedures, which are in alignment with legislative and organizational requirements, are developed for the administrative systems.

  • Systems are limited to four.

  • The procedure for each element of the administration system is explained to employees in line with the policies developed.

  • The policies and procedures are collated into a written manual in a company-specific format.

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