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Applied Leadership

Effective Leadership

Team Motivation & Leadership

Supervisory & Team Leadership

Team Building and Team Motivation

Strategic Team Building

Team Empowerment

Time Management & Personal Mastery

Time Management

Scheduling and Time Management Techniques

Business Writing & Report Writing

Verbal Communication Fundamentals

Sustained Verbal Communication

Written Communication Fundamentals

Written Communication Basics

Language Comprehension Basics

Language Comprehension Fundamentals

Communication Techniques

Conduct of Meetings

Meetings & Events Management

Receptionist Skills Course

Business Etiquette & Professional Conduct

Business Ethics & Conduct

Records Management

Administrative Skills Course

Business Administration

Labor Legislation

Human Resources & Labor Relations

Recruitment and Selection (Interviewing Skills)

Performance Management

Performance Monitoring & Evaluation

Application of Codes of Conduct

Decision Making

Problem Solving and Decision Making

Conflict Management

Emotional Intelligence

Change Management

Diversity Management

Knowledge Management

Workplace Relationships Management

Organizational Development & Learning Organization

Organizational Ethics and Culture

Fraud Control

Risk Management

People Development & Talent Management

Coaching Team Members

Coaching Line Managers


Management Skills Course

Creativity & Business Innovation

Innovation & New Venture Creation

Entrepreneurship Skills

Operational Planning


Marketing & Sales Skills Course

Marketing Principles

Customer Service

Statistics and Probability

Negotiation Skills

Negotiation Strategies

Project Management

Action Planning

Strategic Planning

Business Plan Writing

Business Research Essentials

Operations Management Fundamentals

Costing Principles

Business Financing Essentials

Financial Management

Budget Control

Financial Analysis

Finance for Non-Financial Managers

Service Provider Management

Procurement & Supply Chain Fundamentals

Tender Procedures

Contracts Administration

HIV/AIDS Awareness

Disaster Management

Essential Computer Skills

Digital Citizenship & Etiquette

Attention Management

Assertiveness & Self-confidence

Tele Etiquette

Business Plan Writing