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new venture creation level 4 Full Qualification


This Qualification will meet the needs of the formal and in-formal Small, Micro and Medium Enterprise Sector by providing training standards against which entrepreneurs can be trained. This Qualification meets the needs of society by, primarily, providing persons who are able to apply the fairly complex knowledge and skills required to be an entrepreneur and thus contribute to the economic upliftment of themselves, their community and thereby the nation as a whole. Alternatively this Qualification is also attractive to persons who have not received formal training in this Sector but who are are already managing and/or are working as employees within an established Small, Micro and Medium Enterprise business.


The purpose of the Qualification is to develop the appropriate skills and knowledge required by a person for the establishment and development of a small to medium business venture, and address the economic, administrative and behavioural (psycho-social) barriers that contribute to success in starting and sustaining the venture.

    Demonstrate an ability to identify and create a new venture. Demonstrate knowledge of interpersonal skills required in a business environment. Demonstrate an understanding of basic economics within an market economy. Manage a new venture by applying business principles and techniques. Demonstrate an understanding of the role of leadership and management.

Qualification Units

  • US114600 : Apply innovative thinking to the development of a small business
  • US263455 : Apply the principles of costing and pricing to a business venture
  • US263356 : Demonstrate an understanding of an entrepreneurial profile
  • US263514 : Demonstrate an understanding of the function of the market mechanisms in a new venture
  • US120389 : Explain and apply the concept, principles and theories of motivation in a leadership context
  • US114584 : Finance a new venture
  • US263534 : Implement an action plan for a new venture
  • US263474 : Manage finances of a new venture
  • US114805 : Manage general administration
  • US13948 : Negotiate an agreement or deal in an authentic work situation
  • US263434 : Plan and manage production/operations in a new venture
  • US263456 : Plan strategically to improve new venture performance
  • US114592 : Produce business plans for a new venture
  • US114596 : Research the viability of new venture ideas/opportunities
  • US116394 : Implement and manage human resource and labour relations policies and acts
  • US119472 : Accommodate audience and context needs in oral/signed communication
  • US119457 : Interpret and use information from texts
  • US119467 : Use language and communication in occupational learning programmes
  • US119465 : Write/present/sign texts for a range of communicative contexts
  • US9015 : Apply knowledge of statistics and probability to critically interrogate and effectively communicate findings on life related problems
  • US119462 : Engage in sustained oral/signed communication and evaluate spoken/signed texts
  • US119469 : Read/view, analyse and respond to a variety of texts
  • US9016 : Represent analyse and calculate shape and motion in 2-and 3-dimensional space in different contexts
  • US119471 : Use language and communication in occupational learning programmes
  • US7468 : Use mathematics to investigate and monitor the financial aspects of personal, business, national and international issues
  • US119459 : Write/present/sign for a wide range of contexts

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