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Key to Logical Structure in Writing

Business Writing I Text Structure

The key to logical structure in writing is ensuring that the text has the following components:

  1. Beginning: Attention grabbing and captivating  e.g., amazing fact or statistic; fascinating question.
  2. Body or middle part: statement of position or argument
  3. Ending: Final point or statement or call to action e.g., considering the above, we propose … We look forward to hearing from you soon in pursuance of the above …

Key to Logical Structure

In other words, a text must have a logical structure. What is logical structure in writing? It is the natural unfolding of a narrative as it progresses through the document.

The key to logical structure in writing is using the following writing techniques:

  1. Going from the general to the specific
  2. Moving from simplex to complex
  3. Moving from the known to the unknown and new
  4. The background material preceding the technical expose
  5. Background to current issue to conclusions.

These can be employed in the following sequence:

  • Topic sentence
  • Text outline
  • Paragraphs
  • Supporting details
  • Expert opinion
  • Facts and statistics
  • Conclusion

Writing to Achieve Text Structure

Sentence Structure

The recommended sentence length is 20 words maximum. Sentence length can be reduced by avoiding unnecessary adverbs and adjectives. Text is easier to understand with shorter sentences, so write succinctly and concisely to get to the point quickly. Do not begin sentences with same words. Start each sentence in a different way.

Use transitions words or repeat key words to move smoothly between sentences. Employ transition words to show relatedness. Use parallel structure when listing ideas of the same relative importance. Emphasize the main idea within a sentence by placing it in the main clause.

Logical structure in writing forms the core of Rock Lilly professional business writing skills training courses.

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