Microsoft Excel Intermediate Course​


This Microsoft Excel Intermediate Course is intended for people who need to enhance spreadsheet appearance using a Graphical User Interface (GUI)-based spreadsheet application either as a user of computers or as basic knowledge for a career needing this competency, like the ICT industry.

The qualifying learner will be capable of:

Training Outcomes

  • The major graph types are defined in terms of their purpose. Graphs to be defined are the pie chart, bar graph, column graph, line graph, scatter plot and area plot.

  • A graph is created from a given data source.

  • A graph is edited. Properties to be edited include but not limited to graph title, axis titles, data labels, background colour, line or bar colour.

  • The graph type is changed.

  • A graph is copied and moved based on given specifications.

  • A graph is resized.

  • A graph is deleted from a spreadsheet.

  • The external data file is checked to ensure that the input into a spreadsheet will achieve the required results.

  • The format of the input file is determined to ensure correct input into a spreadsheet.

  • The data is copied into the spreadsheet.

  • The resulting spreadsheet is in accordance with the given spreadsheet result.

  • Insert an object like a picture, image, chart, auto shape into a spreadsheet.

  • A selected object is manipulated in a spreadsheet.

  • Use a drawing tool to draw an object in the spreadsheet.

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