How to improve Google Ads Quality Score

Google Ads Quality Score

Learn how to improve Google Ads Quality Score for higher rankings, lower search marketing costs & more customer leads.

Google Ads Quality Score Definition

Google Ads Quality Score is a measure of the quality & relevance of your Google Ad, keywords & landing page on a scale of 1 to 10. From the above definition it is clear that the 3 main factors that affect your Quality Score are:

  • Keywords
  • Ad text
  • Landing page

Adwords uses your Quality Score to determine the position of your ads appear on the search engine results page (ad rank) & how much you will pay for each action (cost per click or impression). In short anything that improves the relevance of your keywords, ad text & landing page will increase your Google Ad quality score.

Improve your keywords

  • Select appropriate keywords for your campaign during keyword research (Buyer persona research, Analytics & Keyword Planner)
  • Smaller & more targeted ad groups (5-10 keywords per ad group)
  • Negative keywords to eliminate irrelevant searches from your campaign
  • Use long-tail keywords to attract customers down the buyers journey
  • Branded keywords
  • Keyword match types (broad, phrase & exact)
  • Analyse the Search Query Report to get an idea of ad relevance
  • Increase your expected Click-Through Rate (CTR) : Estimate of how likely someone will click on your ad when it appears for one of your keywords

Ad relevance improvement

  • Ad copy focused on a single product or service
  • Use Ad extensions to highlight important information
  • Eye catching ad text (highlight benefits & features)
  • Prominent Call To Action (CTA)
  • A/B test your ad text to measure effectiveness
  • Speak to a specific buyer persona in the ad (Perfect for small businesses)
  • Use keywords in ad text
  • Dynamic Keyword Insertion for more relevant ads (Use with care)

How to improve landing page experience

  • Relevant & original content
  • Easy navigation
  • Keywords in landing page url
  • Responsive landing page (desktop & various mobile devices)
  • Fast page loading speed (Use Google Page Speeds Insights)
  • Clearly displayed contact information to establish trust
  • Balanced keyword density on the landing page (meta, headers, title, alt & paragraphs)
  • Landing page for each ad group
  • Secure website (SSL certificate)
  • Crawlable text

Impact of historical performance on Google Ads Quality Score

Users vote on the quality of your ads with their clicks.

Interesting facts about the Google Ads Quality Score

  • New campaigns get a Quality Score rating of 6
  • Quality Score rating of 5 is the benchmark
  • High Quality Score rating ads (7-10) get a CPC discount
  • Low Quality Score rating ads (1-4) get a CPC premium
  • Increasing your Quality Score rating by 1 point decreases your cost per conversion by 13-16%
  • The Quality Score is based on average past performance
  • Null Quality Score (new keywords that lack performance data & old keywords with limited exact match impressions or not enough recent traffic)
  • Quality Score is not used at auction time to determine Ad Rank.

At the end of the day a higher quality score is worth the effort, it will help grow your business & save you money.

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