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4-Ps of the Marketing Mix

4-Ps of the Marketing Mix

The 4-ps of the marketing mix are a foundational tool and model in marketing strategy development for businesses. They are a set of marketing tools that marketing people and businesses use to pursue marketing objectives. The 4-ps are product, price, place, and promotion (also known as the Marketing Principles). The 4-Ps model now extends to the 7-Ps or 8-Ps to include process, people, physical evidence and performance. The 4-Ps however, remain the foundational building blocks of any marketing strategy.

Applying 4-Ps of the Marketing Mix

For this purpose, we will examine Tsitsikamma Spring Water bottled water sold in South Africa. We will examine the brand marketing media through the 4-Ps.

Analysis through the 4-Ps of the Marketing Mix


Tsitsikamma Spring Water has a brand media presence across print, electronic, and online media. They advertise through their website, newspapers, billboards, radio and television, as well as Facebook and Twitter accounts. The media presence is extensive enough to capture its target market. Its’ target market is the “water consuming publics” of the health-conscious water consumer and the commercial and industrial market.

Social Media

Tsitsikamma Spring Water’s Facebook account has 2,294 likes and 2,337 following. It has fair engagement, averaging five posts a week. The page is well branded and highly visual. The aqua blue color theme ties in well with its “nature theme”. The Tsitsikamma Spring Water branding takes advantage of the popularity of the Garden Route Tsitsikamma National Park. The spring water brand’s website and social media platforms market the brand as,

“… sourced from a quartzite aquifer within the pristine Tsitsikamma Mountains. It is filtered naturally as it journeys through layers of rock which impart a delicate balance of minerals that give it its unique sweet flavor. Since its establishment in 1997, the business has diversified into an entity that not only bottles still, sparkling and flavored water, but also manufactures its own bottles and preforms.”

Tsitsikamma Spring Water, (2020, March 19).

Corporate Social Responsibility

The brand uses its Corporate Social Responsibility programs to advance its marketing objectives. They generate a lot of publicity around their Corporate Social Responsibility. Tsitsikamma Spring Water donates to the Dolphin Protection Action Group, and the Save the Rhino Program. A portion of each sale is donated to the programs. The product packaging combines branding, product information and Corporate Social Responsibility messages to serve a dual purpose.

4-Ps of the Marketing Mix Application


Tsitsikamma Spring Water brand, uses product, price, place and promotion effectively.

Unique product information differentiates the product from others. The tagline, “Naturally pure mountain spring water” offers a compelling value proposition. The website and social media platforms describe the water as, “…. the high quality of spring water on their farm situated against the southern slope of the pristine Tsitsikamma Mountains…… The source of Tsitsikamma Spring Water is a Nature Conservation Area free from extraneous pollution…… The Tsitsikamma was home to the ancient Khoisan people who called it ‘Sietsiekamma’ or ‘place of clear water’.” Tsitsikamma Spring Water, (2020).

The brand slogan captures other unique product elements e.g., “A rare purity” ….,“Carefully sourced” “Zero aspartame” “BPA free” and “Environmental sustainability”.

The product information differentiates the brand from purified water brands. The production process is also a differentiator with competition. The marketing leverages on the production process as well. Promotional activities optimally uses the 4-Ps elements.


The price of the brand is highly competitive. The marketing is, however, not pivoted on price competitiveness. It is, rather built on product differentiation.


The brand has a high visibility within the market. The distribution channels are the major retail chains in South Africa. Commercial, industrial and bulk purchase clients purchase directly from the company. The company location is logistically accessible to reach. The company’s plant and factory is located within the Tsitsikamma National Park. This is a game-changer differentiator and the brand maximally exploits it in all branding and promotional messages. The brand name derived from the Tsitsikamma Mountain Springs gives the brand an advantageous association with natural purity.


The spring water brand is marketed on differentiation. The points of differentiation are the products elements and location. They use the 4-Ps to send out brand promotion messages that talks to natural purity, uncontaminated water source, zero use of harmful technologies and environmentally sustainable processes.

Tsitsikamma uses the 4 Ps to create a value proposition around safe water, consumer health concerns with public provide water. It then crafted a marketing strategy around these consumers pain points and how their product meets the needs. The marketing content sways perception, to view the product as a safe water choice. This allows the product to stand out from its’ competitors.

Conclusion on the 4-Ps of the Marketing Mix

I hope you enjoyed this short article on the 4-Ps of the marketing mix. We delve deeper into these and other marketing concepts in our Sales & Marketing Skills Courses.

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