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Our corporate training solutions prepare your team for a future filled with many challenging and exciting opportunities.




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 Improve performance

A team with a better understanding of their responsibilities is more productive.


Boost engagement

Learning helps your team feel happy, content & more engaged with your company.


Reduce turnover

When your team feels prepared for on-the-job challenges they are more likely to stay.


Facilitate onboarding

Make new hires feel welcomed, supported, and valued with onboarding training


Increase profits

A knowledgeable team provides great customer service helping your company maximize profits.


Encourage innovation

Training promotes idea exchange and team collaboration leading to innovation.


Boost compliance

Give your team the necessary knowledge and skills to carry out their job safely & legally.


Competitive edge

Training promotes a culture of continuous learning helping your team stay ahead.


Job satisfaction

Show employees they are valued & give them skills to succeed with corporate training.

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Book accredited training with Rock Lilly in your area or anywhere around the world with our team of qualified & experienced trainers.

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Rock Lilly is trusted by 100s of South Africa’s top companies to train their employees.

Training with measurable impact

Our customized training solutions will help your team evaluate their skills level and identify opportunities for growth.

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Let us discuss your training needs so that we can better design training solutions to help your team thrive. At Rock Lilly we understand that when your people thrive, your business thrives.

Why Rock Lilly training?

SETA-accredited training provider

Flexible training locations

International recognized qualifications

Wide variety of training courses

Certified trainers

Technology-driven training


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Yes Rock Lilly is an accredited training provider with Services SETA in South Africa. 

Yes, Rock Lilly’s learnerships and skills programs are registered with the South African Qualifications Authority(SAQA). 


Rock Lilly can provide training online or face-to-face at our own facilities or in-house.

Rock Lilly provides training services in South Africa, Lesotho, Malawi, Eswatini, Zambia, Botswana,Namibia and the rest of SADC. 

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